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Silicone rendering

Silicone rendering is a type of external wall cladding that is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. It is a durable and weather-resistant finish that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, Such as brick and concrete. The silicone material used in the rendering provides a flexible and breathable finish that allows moisture to escape, preventing damp and mold from forming inside the building.

Most outdoor wall renders only do a little to keep moisture out, but silicone renders are made to go deep below the surface of the material on the outside walls and dry out the the substrate, getting rid of the source of the moisture for good.

Silicone render is a highly flexible and breathable material that forms a shield against UV rays and mechanical damage on the exterior of buildings. When applied properly, this substance has exceptional water repellency, frost resistance, and vapour permeability once it has set hard. It also requires little maintenance. Depending on the humidity and weather, this product can take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours to dry; however, it might take longer to cure.

Brick Effect Render
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