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Wall rendering services from the trusted experts in Bedworth

At D&T Rendering&building Ltd we are proud to say we are a fast, efficient, and reliable company that you can trust. We are proud of our reputation for quality workmanship and offer free quotes. We provide professional advice to all our clients and our services are tailored to meet your needs and expectations.

We know that insulation and rendering can be daunting, our aim is to make it a smooth and pain-free experience for you. We will meet you before any work starts, explain all the steps and ensure you are fully satisfied and happy with our service. We are fully insured with Zurich for our customers' peace of mind.

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Why you need our services

Did you know that insulating your home with insulating render can help to reduce the cost of heating by up to 15%? Not only does it help in the winter months, but it's proven that insulating your home keeps it cooler in summer.

External wall insulation is a three-layer system that includes insulation panels such as EPS (polystyrene), Rockwool, XPS boards etc. Each of the insulating materials has its own unique features. The insulation is protected by a framework and by a finishing layer that's usually waterproof and weatherproof. 

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What do we offer?

Competitive prices, high quality workmanship and we are highly recommended.

We offer a 25-year Guarantee for External Wall Insulation and a 5-year applicator Guarantee for uninsulated render services, subject to compliance with the terms and conditions.

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Step 1

We start with an inspection to assess your home and check if any work is needed prior to the EWI installation. We discuss your needs and expectations, then we will produce a detailed free quote for you.

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Step 2

Once the project starts we will prep your property by removing or moving any pipes, air vents, boiler flue, cables, lights, antenna/Sky dish etc, that may impede the work. Next we install the scaffolding and skip if required.

Step 3

Next we start the installation process, this involves several stages, such as: boarding, base coat, top coat and sealing everything to completely waterproof your home.

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Step 4

After the installation is finished we ensure everything is left spotless, all rubbish and materials are removed. We will make sure you are satisfied before leaving.

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For all your wall rendering services contact the friendly team at D&T Rendering&building Ltd, based in Bedworth, serving customers across Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

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