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Thermal insulation, building, and external render solutions

D&T Rendering&building Ltd can help whether you want to help cut the cost of your bills, or just want to make your home have that extra curb appeal. We can help with our thermal insulation and external render solutions, based in Bedworth serving Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Contact us for more information.

Eco friendly & competitive pricing

At D&T Rendering&building Ltd we are eco conscious and want to do our part to help the climate. Studies show that insulating your property benefits you and the world we live in. It looks great, last for up to 30 years, and silicone render is the most efficient way to protect the walls of a house! Talk to us to find out more.

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No job too big or small

We offer a wide range of services including thermal insulation and external render solutions. We also offer brick slips, plastering and building services.

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External render

Johnstone trained installers with years of experience. We use silicone render for a high quality finish.

building renovations

Building Renovations

No matter what renovation work you have, we can help and make it easy and hassle free.

Home improvements

Whatever the job we are happy to help, based in Bedworth we work across Warwickshire.

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High quality workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed.

freshly plastered room
A decorator grouting tiles


From floor tilling to bathroom tiling, we cover it all at D&T Rendering&building Ltd.

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Painting & decorating

Services tailored to your requirements, with high quality craftsmanship.

Brick slip installation

Qualified and fully insured for peace of mind. Hassle free service at great rates.

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If you need a floor installing, then call us today.

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Rendering Systems

Render has changed over the years, years ago it was a mix of sand and cement with no longevity or flexibility. These days a polymer-based render is used, such as silicone render, which is flexible, breathable and provides a much better finish. 


An acrylic render can be used, it may be budget friendly, but it picks up dirt and is less durable than silicone render. We offer silicone render as it is more reliable than the traditional mixtures, especially when we combine them with an adhesive base coat and mineral giving it a life expectancy of 15+ years.

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External wall insulation

Rendering your property can provide a slight insulation effect but if you are looking to increase the thermal efficiency and reduce heating bills then you need external wall insulation instead. EWI (external wall insulation) is so much better than other options and will help keep your house warm. It also looks great, so contact the specialists today for EWI using silicone render.


We are Johnstone trained insulation installers and have years of experience, look at our work to see what we can do for you. At D&T Rendering&building Ltd we offer a wide range of other building services such as plaster boarding and plastering, interior and exterior painting, flooring, tiling, extensions and more.

External wall insulation worklist

​Most people ask what happens when we install external wall insulation, below is our worklist. 

  1. Scaffolding is erected

  2. First fix – This involves removing any external fittings and preparing surfaces, wooden blocks are used for positioning so everything can go back in the exact same position. Protection films are used on all windows, doors and surrounding areas.

  3. Preparation of the masonry substrate – this involves a building survey if required to confirm suitability, any identified cracks will be assessed and dealt with.

  4. Boarding and framework – Insulation panels are installed on the framework, depending on the size of the property this can take up to 3 days.

  5. Basecoat and reinforcing mesh cloth – This involves applying an even basecoat and embedding the mesh cloth to reduce any future cracks. Meshed corners and stops beads are installed. Once complete this must cure (dry) before applying the topcoat. Work will continue once dry.

  6. Primer – a layer of appropriate primer is applied and then left to dry.

  7. Silicone render – Your chosen colour of render will be applied and left to dry, this final coat cannot be applied when raining as its risks damaging the finish.

  8. Second Fix – The whole system is sealing with mastic and windowsills are attached and sealed where necessary. All fixtures are refitted, the area is cleaned, and the protective films are removed. Anything on the snag list is dealt with.

  9. Sign off – A report is issued in accordance with the contractual terms.

  10. Finish – The scaffolding is taken down

Mario and George completed the work to a very high standard very professional would highly recommend.

Get in touch with us today for all your thermal insulation and external render solutions, conveniently located in Bedworth to work throughout Warwickshire and the West Midlands. 

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